What does it mean to enjoy someone's company?


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To me it means you have common interests with the other person and like each other also. It can also mean that person makes you happy or is very interesting to you. Someone you like talking to or being around as you learn from them or just have a good time together. You enjoy them. Good close friends enjoy each others company.

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Enjoying someone's company simply means that you being with someone or spending time with them.

The word company has several different meanings, but in this context, company refers to being in the presence of a second person.

There are several things that might make you enjoy someone's company:

  • They might be good fun and very interesting.
  • They might have interesting stories and anecdotes to share.
  • You might enjoy many of the same things, and being in each other's company is a opportunity to discuss them and even pursue them.
  • You might have romantic feelings towards this person. If they reciprocate these feelings, then being in their company can be one of the best feelings in the world!

From an etiquette point of view, being in someone's company also has some social "rules" which it is considered polite to follow. There are certain things that you might not do or say if you were in someone's company, which would be perfectly fine if you were alone.

For example, walking around the house in our underpants eating Coco Pops.

Different types of "company" also demands different levels of formality. If you're in the company of someone important, like your boss or a member of the royal family, you might adopt a different demeanour than if you were in the company of friends down in the pub.

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