Am I a good person if I'm quiet and shy only because I wouldn't want to start an argument over my opinions?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Doesn't much matter if you're good or not as it only matter what you think you are. This tells me that you lack confidence in yourself and are afraid of being right in your opinions top others. So this just makes you shy but one day when you gain more confidence in yourself you'll break out of your shell and get rid of the shyness. Good luck and Merry Christmas

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Quiet and shy people, when they do convey something they get listened to more and they usually think when they speak.  More people respect and listen to introverted people and they usually have a very thoughtful outlook on life and have very thoughtful things to say. Just do it in a well thought out, polite way and if you do not agree with someone be polite and share your opinion. I am quiet and shy myself. Introverts only speak when they need to and it is usually a thoughtful contribution to a discussion. Go for it... I bet you have loads of thoughtful things to say. Shy, quiet and introverted people are intelligent and thoughtful and ironically people listen to them more because when they do have something to say it is usually because it's something important and usually intelligent, wise and thoughtful and not bull like many extroverts speak... Sometimes it is hard to get a word in, but when you do, it is worth it. Try and try and try... I bet they will sit and take notice. 

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