What do you guys think about friends with benefits? Yay or Nay?


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Being friends with benefits with someone can be tricky, but it can also be pretty amazing!

Depending on the level of intimacy both of you are sharing at any given time it is possible to have incredible fun where no one involved gets hurt, because all the boundaries are well defined (and respected).

On the other hand, if the boundaries/limits are not clear (or were not set at all in the first place), one of you can be misled into believing you have something real and deep going on... while the other person is only in it for fun, never even thinking about any sort of commitment.

I would say, trust your gut feeling on this one and don't expect the other person to start behaving like your boyfriend/girlfriend when the public-facing relationship status is that you are friends with benefits.

So to answer your question I would say: YAY! (but know what you are in for at ALL times!)

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Sara Lewis answered

I think it comes down entirely to your personal views, and how you feel about the situation. I would never judge anyone for being in a "friends with benefits" situation because as long as both parties are happy with it- who cares!

Like any kind of relationship, as long as the rules are clear, I think it's fine, and actually can be beneficial. An awful lot of people wind up in relationships that their heart is not really in because that is the "norm". 

Whilst it's fine to begin with, this usually ends up with somebody getting hurt. In a friends with benefits situation, if both people are on the same page then they can both have fun and get what they need from the situation, without having to worry about anyones feelings getting hurt.

My only reservation is this... If two people like each other enough to hook up in the first place, it often seems to be the way that, whilst they may have had the best intentions to keep things casual, when you spend time with someone who you are at the very least physically attracted to, things can quite easily progress to the point that you become emotionally attracted, too. 

We are not robots, after all! This is why I personally would be wary of these kind of situations, but if it  is the sort of thing you are involved in, and it works for you - fair play!

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I'd hate it, let's be honest. I know I'd get entirely to possessive very quickly...besides I like all the extra benefits of PDA, flirting, giving gifts, random cuddles, and overall having a best friend that's always there for me...that I also have sex with whenever we're up for it.

Your significant other can also be your best friend; it's just better if both of those categories aren't separate in my case. 

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