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Here is the paragraph! Could put it in a comment but not a question lol

Hi my name is Lucy & I need advice on something! I recently got into high school & at the first months it was great but then this girl, Jess, she was transferred into my form class, & because for some classes we are all in our form class, Jess was a bad influence on everyone and we we're put on a class report card! And in form, I sit on the same table as her & my teacher hinks I'm turning bad & that I'm mixing with the wrong people and that gives me anxiety because I've always been good in school and I am now but my teacher does not see that in me! And I'm a belieber, and my friends are horrible to me for it so I've been having social anxiety with teachers and my friends which makes me not want friends and I want to just be alone at lunch but people would think of me as a freak, and I would be lonely! I know what your gonna say "just get your mum to homeschool you Simple as that" But it isn't simple I would love to be homeschool Not because I hate getting up early & wearing uniform Its because of what I've told you, but as I was saying I asked my mum if I could get homeschooled but she said no And I've been getting detentions lately because I've been that worried and don't want to go into school I just don't do homework because I'm too busy worrying Just please give me advice on what to do just help? And I've told my mum and she said stuff like we will sort it out but the problem is they can't sort it out

"It's like I don't want to be around people! I would prefer to be on my own! But it's not like that with my family; I absolutely love being around my family!

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Don't worry. Just be yourself. I know it's hard to do in a world like this, but try. You can also talk to your teacher or guidance counselor about it if your parents aren't listening.

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Just think wisely. What would the "Wise" version of you do? Focus on the schoolwork, most importantly, since that is the foremost thing to do in HS.

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