How do I become a better father and person? How can I make amazing strides in my life?


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Gosh, that's not an easy question!

I think the only thing you can really do is try your best (sorry I know that sounds a bit cliche).

Set small achievable targets often, rather than get carried away with the big grand gestures etc...

I think most things in life are about balance. Especially when it comes to being a dad. For example, it's important to work hard and provide for your family, but you also need to make time to have fun and spend quality time with your kid/s.

Having goals or objectives (no matter how big or small) is great. For example, working towards a family holiday, getting in shape, learning a new language, getting a new job... These are all achievable things you can work towards that should hopefully make you feel better  about what you're doing :)

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More about he family dad can sometimes be a bit grumpy and that puts me down. However when he is happy, the vibe seems to make me happy too. So I think it's best to just be cheerful and make sure you spend time with your family and keep close with them.

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