Do you ever get over a first love? If so, how long does it take? It's been 5 months since we actually cut off all communications. The love I have for him is slowly dying, but its still there...


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Lia Tan answered

Well of course, you will eventually get over your first love, but I can't tell you how long since it differs from person to person. Although, unless your split happened to be quite brutal, you will technically always have a place in your heart for this person, even though you two aren't together or anything like that. So even though it has been five months, it's understandable if your love is fading but still there. But unless this has turned into an obsession, what you are going through is perfectly normal and I wouldn't be worried about it. Good luck!

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Taylor Kemnitz answered

Yes, with time you will most likely move on, but just remember a first love is somthing special you will never forget. 

Its the first time you loved somone in that kind of way. You can move on but you will never completely forget it, even if you try really hard the memory will always be with you.

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