I've met a girl who I believe to be about 23 years old. I look younger than my age and just turned 42. We set up a date via text and I figured I'd mention my age to make sure she wasn't surprised. Right or wrong move?


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I don't know very much about adult dating, mostly because I'm not an adult. But I do believe that when you want to start a relationship with someone, be sure to start it honestly by getting things straight. You guys don't want to go off on the wrong foot so make sure that all the basics are cleared out (like name, age, occupation, etc.). So yes, I do believe that you should tell her your age. If she doesn't like you because of it, then that was rather shallow of her (but somewhat understandable) and there will always be someone else.

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What's to lose ? She's already attracted to you, and if she's that flaky, you're better off casting your net elsewhere. Work on your fitness though - you don't wanna fall short in the stamina dept :)

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