I had a real good friend. We were soulmates. We had a falling out 9 years ago. she didn't want speak to me again. Recently she started working with my niece and tried to befriend her and my family. If she hates me why try to get close to my family?


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How close was your friendship?

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A. She may think she ready to be friends again because last time you guys spoke she may have been loosing herself and needed time alone... It's a girl thing

B. She may miss your family if they were close she may needed to talk and he friends with someone she can trust

C. Ask her and see how you guys to restore your friendship

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In my  opinion 9 years is A LONGGGGG time to think over things so she was probably doing just that , friendships are hard , and you know you're friendship s strong if you can last past you're fights , lots of girls don't want to apologize and say they are sorry as they are usually thinking they did nothing wrong , maybe this friend has realised how much she misses you and how long you've been friends and how a stupid mistake caused her to leave you , and trying to show that she wants back in to be you're friend , thats what i think .

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aww thank you :) you too girl :)
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;) it's funny, I am a counselor and we are taught that we don't give advice, because people already know what is wrong with them, they just need validation. But in this case I am clueless. Lol
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really? a counselor then you must be an advice giver yourself haha aww well sometimes we dont know how to fix our own problems .
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hey its so simple,

May be she ready to be friends again and might be she want more time alone...
It's a girl thing.

like me some time i do this to my boyfriend he is good, but sometime i fights because its good to know nature of him how he react.

so dont worry if she loves you , then its great/

be happy :)

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