my mom wont let me apply for a job at 16. im done asking for her input on things. shes rude to me and puts me down every chance she gets! what should i do???


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Firstly as a teen I still realise how annoyed I am sometimes of my parents because they just sometimes don't understand and don't let me do the things I want and i over react sometimes . But I know they care , they don't do it because they want you to  have no fun at all , instead they ACTUALLY trying to help you in life , as a teen sometimes we get mad and annoyed and emotional because our parents do something we hate or despise and then we wish they were never born or something , but our emotions usually get in the front of us , and we don't understand where they coming from , and why they've made that choice , and in this situation you're mom may not want you to get a job at this age because she's trying to protect you or as my dad says when I ask him to get a job he's like you need to focus on school and studying and soon the HSC , and I understand , maybe you're mother wants you to do good in school and may think this is a distraction to you , you can still get a job at 16 but you have to prove you can do it and you can still always try but I promise you a bad attitude wont get that for you , maybe you can explain it to her convince her and get that job , good luck !

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