Do attractive women find it easier or harder to get by in the workplace?


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I suppose this question will depend on what type of work the women is doing.

If, for example, the woman is working in an office or just answering phones, then her appearance won't make any difference to her work or how well she does it.

I do feel however that the more confident that you feel in your looks, the more confident you can be as a person. So in this respect an attractive woman may also be more confident, therefore be more comfortable talking to other colleges or to members of the public.

However many studies have taken place about this subject and sadly it has been found that attractive people actually do get more in life. In which case they would find it easier to get by in the workplace.

Studies have shown that more attractive people may be more likely to get some jobs, get paid more and even more likely to get a promotion.

This could be because the more attractive people tend to bring in more money to a business, as people are more likely to buy from them. It is also likely that a persons attractiveness in looks is connected to their attractiveness in personality. Again this could be a self esteem issue.

Another field where looks will be taken into consideration, are jobs which your face and body are seen a lot. For example a TV broadcaster or an actress. Chances are if you are better looking then you are more likely to get a role in one of these fields.

It's not nice to think it, as looks should not matter as much as they do, but an attractive woman will find it easier to get by in the workplace, compared to someone that is not so fortunate.

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