Where's your comfort zone?


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This is a tricky question to answer, as we all live within our comfort zone every day.  In saying that everyone faces opportunities which make them nervous on a regular basis.

Personally my comfort zone is definitely at home, I run my home and therefore know everything about it.  I know the end results before I have started the event.  I try to do something exciting everyday but being a  busy Mum it can be hard to find time to fit everything in.

It is said ' that there is no room for excitement and adventure in your comfort zone; in fact, over time you might feel overwhelmed and trapped by boredom and fear.'  There are steps to help stretch those limits and bring back the excitement in your life.  This will also help to build confidence and improve your luck.

  1. Make a fool of yourself. -  Many people hold back as they are worried what other people may think of them.  You will find that the people who surround you will not judge they are probably people who blurted out silly, maybe inappropriate things, or who made huge , slap-your-forehead mistakes, or who were never at the top most of the time, but other forgave them for being less than perfect and in fact, liked them more for it. So shatter your concern and do something you normally wouldn't do for fear of looking like an idiot.  Be that idiot.  You will be fine.
  2. Face your fears. -  There are hundred of subtle fears we bow to everyday. Like the fear of breaking a bone, or falling down, or getting caught in the rain.  What are the precautions you take every day to circumvent 'negative' circumstances?  Are those circumstances really worth stepping around? Those steps add up!  It is good to be pro-active but it is bad to spend a significant proportion of your life avoiding things that may never happen!  Little things that could turn into adventures for funny stories if you allow yourself to deal with  little discomfort.
  3. Become comfortable with taking risks. - You know what to expect in your comfort zone.  Going out on a limb can be scary as you might fail, lose something.  But you might also gain something!!  To become comfortable with uncertainty, you will need to practise non- attachment and acceptance. 
    • Non-attachment
    • .  Do things for its own sake not for a particular outcome.  For example gambling, gamble with money you are will to lose; gamble for the fun and exhilaration of gambling.  If you win it is a bonus but if you lose, no big deal.  Live in the moment.
    • Acceptance.  When things don't go your way just shrug them off.  When you hold to your comfort zone, you are under the impression that everything is predictable and safe.  You are settling yourself up for frustration and disappointment.  Open your eyes.  They world is a dynamic place where things go right and wrong.  That is just the way it is!
  4. Enjoy the unknown. - When is the last time you felt excited about not knowing what was going to happen next? Don't you miss it?  Don't you miss the mixture of anticipation and anxiety that makes your heart flutter and stomach turn at the same time?  Bring that feeling back into your life.

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Kathryn Wright
Kathryn Wright commented
Great answer. I think we make the most mistakes when we move our of our comfort zone, but we learn through our mistakes so always worth pushing the boundaries.
Anonymous commented
This a neat topic. I've never really given my 'comfort zone' much thought, but I watched the youtube clip and took the quiz. I think I'll make a larger effort to break out of my zone more often.
Lily Bradic
Lily Bradic commented
Brilliant answer, Kim — it's difficult for us to define our comfort zones, but it's also important to get out of them now and then in order to grow as people.
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I've got an Astrological answer ;-)  It's actually pretty easy to find where everyone's comfort zone is by looking at your Astrology chart.  The placement of where the Moon was when we were born will actually define where your default is when it comes to your comfort zone.

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Honestly, my comfort zone is at least 20 steps behind emotionally compared to the person I am getting to know. I need to see and think clearly so I can determine whether or not he is the one or if I should move one. Once I am emotionally invested, "things" become more difficult to weigh. I am willing to abandon my comfort zone once I've deemed him to be a worthy partner.

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