What Is The Worst Deviled Egg You Ever Ate?


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I guess Ive never had a bad deviled egg... I make them like my mom, and I taught my daughter how to make them... Now she makes them for every holiday.. And sometimes just to eat them...lol.. I have had lots of other things with eggs in them that I thought didn't need eggs... Like stuffing.... Ummmmm.... Huh?...lol..... I had mashed potatoes with chopped up eggs in it.... Yuck! I mentioned in the meatloaf question that my mom sometimes hid hard boiled eggs in the meatloaf... They were whole and you would get a slice of egg... Was fun, but the egg didn't overpower the other flavors.
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The ones that have too much spice in them (a deviled egg with a ton of hot sauce in it), and the ones that have chopped pickles in them.  YUCK!
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The one that sat out in the heat a little too long and caught the Sal and manila! You don't want to eat much after consuming that problem!
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Oh, my goodness, I am sorry that happened. I couldn't eat them warm but that was bad. When I make them, they don't get to get warm, really.
Steven Vakula
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They were sitting on ice but this is Arizona! Lol
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I don't like the ones with relish... I like mine kinda plain with salad dressing instead of mayo, a hint of mustard, with just a little peprica on top for color.... My mom's always go first at get togethers, and people always ask what she does different....
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I can not abide with a devil egg, drenched with mustard. A lady made just those for our lodge last year. No-one will touch them again. Very sad.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Yeah, kill that egg, before it kills you!!!! Couldn't pass that one up!! , i mean i use a little little bit of mustard, but my goodness. Lmao roff
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The worst I have had are the kind you get from a sumermarket deli section. They tend to be rubbery.
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Most deviled eggs are good, I've never heard of a deviled egg with bread crumbs, yuck!

I think the worst deviled eggs are the rubbery ones that have been around a few days.

www.deviledegg.org has lots of great deviled egg recipes.

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