Anal Sex. Yes Or No?


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Anal Sex is usually painful for us females
it makes us feel like we need to go to the bathroom when you first start...
And it doesnt matter if she went to the bathroom or not she wont have any type of poop dripage or have to go when your done
Also Anal feels better without a condom but it doesnt affect poopage
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Anal sex is a personal preference. It is usually more satisfying for the guy rather than the girl, because the hole is very small. Once again it is up to the two involved as to whether or not you do it or not. But use a condom! Because if the girl hasn't used the bathroom, than it is very possible the the penetration will cause her to poop and she might not even know! Also don't go from the anal to the vagina because it could give her an infection. Hope I could help!
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Ditto on Mizzdukez's comments but always use plenty of lubrication such as KY or Surgilube. This is very important if it is the first time. This info applies whether it is a gal or guy being the receiver.
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It's more intimate... Some people enjoy it, others don't... It's a personal thing...
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I love the idea of anal sex than actually doing it. I have a fetish for butts
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Yes, definitely. But use a condom - it's cleaner and reduces the risk of the penetrator getting an infection.
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I Also Say It Is Up To You And The Other Person Is It Fun Yes! Is It Painful Well It Depends On Who Where And How It Is Handled, And Last But Not Least If You Are The Type That Says I Don't Like The Feeling Of A Condom Then Here Is Your Checklist, 1) Make Shure You Both Get Checked For S.T.D.'s, Before The Act, 2) Make Shure To Use A Anal Cleanser They Sell Them At All Drug Stores Like A Little Red Bag Full Of Warm Water They Have A Little Hose Clean YourSelf Good, 3) Even After All This It Is Still Not Advisable To Go Anal To Vaginal As This May Cause you.T.I.

P.S. As Far As Your Yes Or No Well Like Was Said Before And Will Be Said Again Thats Personal Choice.
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Yes, it is just another way of enjoying sexual union with other people, but it needs to be done right to avoid pain at penetration, the receiver must be lubricated and very relaxed!
It also helps to have an enema an hour or so before, for cleanliness, Unless you are one of those people who like fuller bowels.
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I tried it. It's not fun. We used lube but it still hurt. Don't have anal unless its the girls preference.
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Like many of the people have already mentioned, it's a preference rather than something that's considered 'compulsory'.

I could say yes, but the next person could say no.

There are many pros and cons that come to anal sex. For example, both men and women feel the same intensity, if not more, in anal sex as vaginal sex. However, because the anus doesn't produce any lubricant, it can also hurt men and women; a bit of a paradox.

Maybe these articles can help you decide yes or no, and not just for you, for your girlfriend/boyfriend:

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I believe that if you are interested, you should start experimenting to see how you like it.  I suggest using fingers and small toys at first.  There are many sex guides that can help you and your partner to this safely and without pain. I prefer anilingus services at Curitiba city, girls there do a wonderful and amazing thing

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