Where can I watch Bambi Blaze clips?


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Bambi Blaze videos are all over the internet, so if you want to see a clip of the erotic artist, you've got plenty of choice:

Where can I find Bambi Blaze videos? Bambi Blaze is well known in the adult-industry for being one of the biggest names in the 'expansion-porn' genre.

Until I started researching to answer this question, I had no idea what expansion porn even was (and that's why I love using Blurtit... I learn something random every time I log on!).

Apparently, expansion porn generally features a woman 'expanding' various parts of her body-either with saline water, or with air. An artificially-expanded look can also be achieved simply by filling up well-placed balloons.

Purveyors of this erotic sub-genre also enjoy seeing women gorge themselves on food and drink until they become bloated.

Bambi Blaze's Blow-up Boobs
Basically anything that makes the actress bigger is essentially better!

Needless to say, many of actresses involved already have surgically enhanced breasts.

Bambi Blaze seems to be the 'Jenna Jameson' of expansion porn, and her notoriety is evident all over the internet.

If you're interested in watching some sexy clips of Bambi Blaze pumping herself up, you may want to check out the following sources:

  • YouTube (she has a few clips on there. Because it's YouTube, there's nothing too sexy, but it's still probably NSFW!).
  • Tumblr- These days there's a blog for everything, and Bambi Blaze is no different!
  • Her official website- I had a look, and I recommend you do too.
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Definitely youtube!

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