Can You Give Me Some Funny Question Ideas For The 'Miss Gay' Contest?


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There is no standard format for any of the questions in the Miss Gay Contest! In most beauty pageants, however, contestants are asked a hard question first, which is then followed by a funny question.

Beauty Pageant Question Format

The funny questions can cover any subject, but you should make sure that the subject matter is something that the audience can relate to. (It goes without saying that the audience in this case will be able to relate to jokes centred around the gay lifestyle.)

Remember that asking the question may only be half the battle - the contestant might also have to say something funny in response!

Some Funny Question Ideas
Host: 'Which of the five senses can't you do without?'
Contestant: 'My eyes!'
Host: 'Why?'
Contestant: 'Because I've got amazing and enticing eyes, with a sultry appearance which adds to the intrigue.'

Host: 'How many Filipino islands are there?'
Contestant: 'High tide, or low tide?'

Host: 'Which would you prefer to be: Blonde or dumb?'
Contestant: 'I would want to be dumb; after all, I wouldn't want to be taken for being a blonde!'

Host: 'If your dad was having an affair with a gay person, how would you handle that?'
No anticipated answer for this - it's up to the contestant!

Host: 'How long have you been gay, and do you live by yourself?'
Contestant: 'Come on, if you're gay too, you should know the answers to these two questions!'

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