Where Do I Get Free Emancipation Forms For Teen Child In Texas?


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There is not actually an official emancipation process within the state of Texas so in order for a minor to become emancipated from his or her parents it will be necessary to hire the help of an attorney. This attorney will then be able to help both parents and the child through the emancipation process. It is not a process to be considered lightly and both parties must make sure that they have thought about it thoroughly before beginning legal action.

There is a chapter within the Texas Family Code that refers to the 'Removal of Disability of Minor". This chapter states that a teenager, who is at least 16 years of age, can apply through a local court for certain legal restrictions to be removed. The removal of these restrictions will allow the teenager to act like more of an adult and they will be able to make certain decisions with their parents having to be involved. Although not technically the same as full emancipation, the code does refer to it using this term.

Within Texas a child automatically becomes a legal adult at the age of 18 so the time frame that this legal process can occur in is only two years. Some states classify any minor who has had a baby as a legal adult but within Texas an underage mother is only allowed to make decisions regarding the child that she is parenting. Anyone who is entering Texas and has been fully emancipated in another state is able to fill out the required forms to keep their adult status. In Texas parents cannot get a child emancipated, it has to be a child who files for the legal process. If a child aged between 16 and 17 does decide to carry out the 'Removal of Disability of Minor' process they will be assigned with a number of legal requirements. This will include finding a place to live, maintaining a steady income and fulfilling any contracts. Once the legal process has been confirmed, the parents are not required to pay anything towards it.

Emancipation is a very big process that needs to be well thought out before it is proceeded with. In Texas there are only two years between the ages of 16 and 18 that the process can affect so it worth considering how crucial the emancipation is.

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