What Are The Disadvantages Of Too Much Verbal Praise?


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The main disadvantages of too much verbal praise are the affects the praise has upon the individual receiving it. The person may feel they are doing incredibly well at something, and therefore not worry too much about continuing to improve their work. This can lead to complacency not only in the area in which they are receiving verbal praise, but in other areas of life too. The verbal praise therefore lowers their level of performance. Of course this will not happen in all individuals; everyone reacts slightly differently to verbal praise.

• Overconfidence and pigheadedness

Too much verbal praise can cause an individual to become overconfident about their abilities. This could lead them to undertaking tasks that are beyond their skill level, which in some cases could be dangerous. In addition, the individual is likely to develop a large ego and become pigheaded. The person will place themselves above their peers, believing they are better than everyone else. They may treat others in a derogatory fashion. This can alienate them from their friends and lead them to developing a bad reputation.

• Effects on peers

The individual's peers could be negatively affected; not only through the individual's personal actions, but by the sense that they are not doing well enough. Many will wonder why they aren't receiving the same level of verbal praise. This could lead to them becoming unmotivated. The standard of their work will slip due to the fact they don't receive the same amount of verbal praise as the individual.

• Confusion and disappointment

When the individual in question does not receive the level of verbal praise they did before, they may feel they are not performing well enough. For instance, if a student moved up into a new year group and was taught by a different teacher, they may receive less verbal praise than previously even if their standard of work does not slip.

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