Can Someone Get Shingles From A Baby Who Just Had Chicken Pox Shot?


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You know.. I think this is very interesting b/c this is the only site on the internet where I can find a person asking exactly what I am wondering this very moment. My son just got the chicken pox vaccine about 1 month ago. About a week after the shot, he got a small case of the pox, which I was told to possibly expect. Now, about 20 days later, I suspect that I have shingles and am going to the dr. Tomorrow. I have had extreme pain and burning sensation on my left side of my mid-back and the rash just appeared over that spot about 5 hours ago. I guess I will find out tomorrow if it is shingles as I strongly suspect. However, I wonder exactly how often people who are exposed to a child who just received the vaccine and showed signs of pox "coincidentally" get shingles. I don't think much data is collected on this to simply rule out the connection.
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No, shingles comes from the chicken pox virus which was left in your system when you had the chicken pox years ago. Her shot had nothing to do with it.
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Thanks for the rating, if you have information to prove me wrong please share. Chicken pox can be caught from one suffering from shingles but not vice versa.
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I totally agree with rockstar08 !!! You need go to the drs!!! Don't leave untended as this is very dangerous for older people and it can get real bad!!!! Best of luck to you!!!!
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thank you both...and yes i did go to Doc and am on meds for the shingles...ty and hugsssssssssssss
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you are more than welcome hope all goes well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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