How Do I Bring Down A High Fever In A Child?


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Normal temperature in a child should be 36-36.8 degrees C (or about 97 deg. F). If the core body temperature gets above 38 C (100 F) the child can be classified as having a fever. If the temperature reaches 38.9 C (102 F) or higher the child is too hot and steps need to be taken to reduce the fever quickly. Babies under 1 should not go above 38 deg. C.

Steps to reduce fever include:

Medication such as Calpol or Nurofen (in doses suitable for child's age and weight)
Stripping clothes off
Sponging or bathing with tepid water
Giving cool drinks
Going into a cooler room or place.

Don't take child from a very warm room into a very cold environment, though.

If the child's temperature rises above 38.9 C they may experience febrile convulsions. These are small fits, and are potentially very serious. If they last for more than 4 minutes the child requires immediate medical treatment (dial 999)
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My 8yr old daughter has a throat infection and a high fever. How do I help bring down this fever.She also has a little cough.
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Yesterday my 12 year old child fell and bumped his head. And later today he started running fever, would the bump that he got yesterday cause this.
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Well, in order to find out really why he has the fever, back up and find out why he bumped his head, and you may get the answer. Ask him what was on his attention just before he bumped his head. Chances are he'll tell you of a "who" that was troubling him. Maybe a bully, his teacher, a girl who turned him down - whatever is real to him. Kids will say anything to anyone at that age, and boys at this age can be sensative. He will brighten up once he finds the "who". Fever should deminish then.
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Give them lots of cold drinks. Put ice packs on their neck head and armpits. They will complain they are to cold but don't listen and keep doing what your doing. IF hte fever gets to high and is not going down. Call a doctor.

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