Is Syngamy And Conjugation Same?


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In answer to your question, there are two types of sexual reproduction in animals and these are known as syngamy and conjugation. These are not the same.

Syngamy is commonly known as 'fertilisation.' This process entails the conjoining of two haploid gametes, which together create a diploid zygote. This type of reproduction exists in humans and is the most common amongst animals

There are two types of syngamy, known as endogamy (self fertilisation) and exogamy (cross-fertilisation). The latter is that which exists in humans and is the most common type.

Conjugation on the other hand, is a temporary pairing of two 'parents' in order to exchange gametes. This process is completed through a temporary cytoplasmic bridge.

In this way, syngamy and conjugation are not the same.

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