Explain How Two People Can See The Same Thing And Interpret Differently?


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Each person has a different perspective on things. One person is standing in one location and the other a slightly different location, so the 2 of them see different sides of an object or person. Another reason is that we are raised with certain ideals and prejudices, each of us is a unique person and we have different ideas and opinions about things which cause us to see things differently.
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They see the same. But they think of it diferent !
I mean , it depends of the person's mind . I don't know how it works in your brain , but I'm sure it has something to do with it ! It's amazing isn't it is?
Haha , people is diferent!Think diferent and interpret diferent! It's like , you have no idea of who I am , but you maybe imagine who I am right ? :) It's like that..
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Ha ha ha you just got smarter. I can look at a how a 2 and a half ton dump truck, I can see most of the mistakes the builders did making it WHY? I worked on school buses and for some reason they didnt want them to lose brakes, steering , burn,or brake down. So I got an eye for detail, funny I can look how something is wired and say they f.... Up and the boss let it was a 8 year old truck and he had someone work on it that shouldn't of.  4 months later it burnt to the ground.And the bosses remark  it was old any way. So why do we look at things differant.

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