Which Agents Of Socialization Are Most Important At Certain Stages Of Human Development? For Example, Discuss How The Family Is Important To Moral Development Or How Peer Groups Are Important To Personality Development.


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From the birth of a child; the first thing a child encounters is it's family orientation from its Mother and Father. These are the most critical years as the child would either be a slow learner, less achiever and/or introverted child due to his/her interactions receiving from it's Mother and/or Father and/or both. Child rearing is the most important agent of socialization due to the fact that this is what makes us who we are and what we shall become in our lives. For example: However your Mother or Father or both parents interact with you, is the exact derivative of how you will interact with others when you are in your teens and going through your development stages of life of knowing who you are and what you wish to become within yourself. Your families, belief; morals, values and principles shall play a role on you and your social development skills and how you interact in turn with others within and around your peer groups; which will be the main result of your inner personality as well as who you are not. We all are strong contributors to life and what it holds for us, but many of us do not know how to let go of family values, morals, teachings and etc. And define your own inner-self within. Therefore, we tend to either do exactly what our parents always wanted us to do or we will redefine ourselves through their teachings and development our own socialized skills within ourselves and use them for our own better judgements and growth. It is those that are not able to redefine themselves within themselves and catering to their upbringings that are taught without your own intervention within; are normally those that are more intraverted, wilder in life and/or those that are caterers of life's failures. It's important that we all enhance ourselves by what we feel within and know who we are within our own skin in order to be able to justify the rights and the wrongs of socialization and what we are taught in this life. Embrace yourself, love yourself and believe in your decisions for yourself even when you are wrong. Understanding the why is always more important than not understanding at all.
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Family is the most important because family gives you emotional support, where we acquire our specific social position in society. Next your school and peers are important because they help a child to learn social friendship, loyalty, values and patriotism skills with other peers. Another one is mass media tv shows kids to be a good role model as a adolescent teenager who wants someone to look up to. Tv can also be a great guideline for people who want to start with a great start with their children or wants to be a good communicator.

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