Where Do I Find Free Baby Baptism Clipart?


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If you have access to the internet, check out:  Also, check out because they have a setting where you can choose only clipart.  Follow the steps below:     1. Go to Search for 'baptism,' 'baby baptism,' 'child baptism,' or anything similar and click 'search'.    3. When the pictures pop up, there should be this:  Web›Images Show options right under the search bar.    4. Click on the 'Show options' button and go down the the tab that says '>Any type.'    5. The third underlined option should say 'clip art.'  Click on it.    6. This will change all the images to clip art and that should help you!
  If you don't have access to the internet, but do have any of the Microsoft Programs (excluding excel, access, and infopath) then you can look in the clipart there.    God Bless!

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