Discuss The Family Life Cycle And Its Stages?


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It is defined as the stages through which the individual and families proceed over time from bachelor hood to dissolution of the familyFamily life cycle has the following five stages.

1: Bachelorhood:
In this stage the single male or female live apart from their families, they are either college goers or employed person. Employed persons having handsome salaries and income, most of the time they spend in recreational activities or with their friends. They have keen interest to wear good clothes, wear fine shoes etc.

2: Honeymooners:
This stage starts after the marriage and continuously goes until the first child take birth. At this stage both the spouses (husband and wife) are employed and enjoying beautiful and handsome salaries and income.

3: Parenthood:
This stage starts after the first child take birth. At this stage the income of family is affected because most of the wives leave their jobs and they concentrate their attention to their child. As the number of children increases their responsibilities also increases.

4: Post Parenthood:
At this stage the children leave their houses and leave their parents alone. Parents spend their savings if they have any, on their basic needs. The expenditure increase up to minimum level.

5: Dissolution:
At this stage one of the spouses died and the other spending their savings on medicines to maintain their health.

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